Call of Duty Betting at LOOT.BET

The famous war shooter Call of Duty is one of esports’ veterans. The game shaped up as an online sport in 2006, but it is still spry an limber. There are numerous fan-made modifications and just plain sequels to the series to keep gamers' interest stoked. Every game has a new plotline, which makes Call of Duty's single-player campaign an exciting experience, and the multiplayer mode has no time to grow stale before the next installment is out. A dedicated player base actually prefers CoD to such high-profile shooters as CS: GO and Rainbow 6. Bookmakers accept bets on many different events in Call of Duty games.

Make real money with Call of Duty

A Call of Duty Championship has been held since 2013, eventually giving place to Call of Duty League with more than 6 million dollars in different prizes! As the prize fund grows, interest in the game follows. It is a fine opportunity to turn a profit making smart bets.

Every match is your chance to win cash!

Call of Duty's multiplayer mode is what competitve players fight in. Joining one of the teams, they grind the other side into the dirt of the battlefield. Reaction speed, an ability to coordinate one’s actions with those of teammates and an intelligent overall strategy are all requisite for success. There are all sorts of events to bet on: aside from outcome, you can wager on outcome details of a match – at more promising odds, of course. Handicap betting and outcomes for particular maps are also available. Betting on CoD, it is important to pay attention to players’ ability to work as a team and map characteristics. 




How can I bet on Call of Duty at LOOT.BET?

Register or log in to your account, deposit money and select "Call of Duty" discipline. Select from money-line bets, accumulators, outrights and other familiar bet types and start earning money on COD betting

Can I bet on COD with crypto?

Sure, you can bet with: Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin, Bitcoin Cash.

What type of betting in Call of Duty is considered the most popular among bookmakers?

Relying on our experience the most popular type of betting in Call of Duty is outright betting

Is Call of Duty betting legal?

Each country has its own laws, so first of all better check your country’s gambling authorities.